What is 5S/Lean Manufacturing?

What is Lean Manufacturing and why DuraStripe is such a great Lean Manufacturing Tool?

Lean Manufacturing: Doing more with less by employing 'lean thinking.' Lean manufacturing involves never ending efforts to eliminate or reduce 'muda' (Japanese for waste or any activity that consumes resources without adding value) in design, manufacturing, distribution, and customer service processes.

In other words… Lean Manufacturing is a commitment to minimize the total cost (a waste-free operation) while offering a product or service that is focused on your clients’ success.

Continuously Improve & Simplify with DuraStripe

  • Defined workspaces eliminate wasted time searching for equipment or materials
  • Providing employees with consistent and repetitive visual instructions improves efficiency and product quality.
  • Easy to understand visual queues reduce human error, improving the bottom line.
  • Rapid installation and reconfiguration options in the DuraStripe family of products enable immediate implementation of new processes and visual systems.
  • Staff may perform DuraStripe removal or installation during regular business operating hours, eliminating shutdowns, production delays, specialty labor costs or employee overtime.
  • Clear indications throughout facilities reduce employee risks and accidents in workplace situations such as heavy machinery safety or emergency protocols.
  • Unique phosphorescent DuraStripe products continue to provide employees with clear, visual instructions during power failures or other emergency instances.

What is 5S?

5S is a corporate standard designed to create a visual control and lean production in the workplace.

Sort: separate needed materials and purge unnecessary materials.

Simplify: neatly arrange and identify parts and tools for quick access.

Scrub: conduct a cleanup campaign.

Standardize: Sort, Simplify, and Scrub at regular times to maintain an efficient workplace.

Sustain: form the habit of always following the first four "S"s.

Some corporations include a 6th ‘S’ for Safety, which is an important cornerstone of any workplace enhancement.

DuraStripe Is the Ideal Tool in a 5S Program

  • Quick and easy “peel-and-stick” application
  • Numerous, vivid, long lasting colors
  • Simple, no-residue removal
  • Color-code zones and reserve areas for each material and activity
  • Eliminates clutter
  • Stands up to regular cleaning
  • Colors will not fade over time
  • Enables clean and tidy workspaces
  • The most customizable 5S product on the market
  • One-stop-shopping for all 5S visual marking needs